2236 14th Street (affectionately known as "Lefty") caught fire in the winter of 2009 and burned beyond restoration. Lefty now serves as a rotating public art space where every season a different artist creates something on or connected to the site (recently, Righty got some love too).

So far we've had four artists create incredible works which you can see below. Want to become an IS artist? Let us know at We're busy working on an open application process.

Imagination Station artists in chronological order:

"Paint A Burnt House" by Marianne Audrey Burrows, Summer 2010 (When work on the campus was just being started, Marianne painted her way through Lefty in its most wild state.)

"Salvaged Landscape" by Catie Newell, Fall 2010 (Created using burned boards from "Lefty" and made while the house was being torn down around her.)

"RoboCop" by the Internet (RoboCop bust for casting by Fred Barton), Winter 2011 (Production in process in cooperation with MGM, and installation is being planned to happen at TechTown. For one among many interesting articles about the adventure of this work, please see Open Source Design 03: RoboCop: The Monument in Domus.)

"Brother Can You Spare A Station?" by Gary Schwartz, Spring 2011 (Gary transformed Righty into a giant camera obscura or "pinhole camera" that projected an upside-down image of the train station into an upstairs room which he then captured on film to make this video. The house, built in 1880, has stared directly at the train station since the train station since it was built in 1913 and closed in 1988. This is a look into its point of view.)

Images of the projection by Francis' Fotos (flipped to show the train station projection right-side up):



For context, image of the train station through the window of the house next door by Tony's Pics:


"Urban Put-Put" by Professor Steve Coy and his class of sculpture students from Lawrence Technological University, Winter 2012-2013.

A BYOP (bring your own putter) affair, UPP (renamed Urban Country Club after a letter from the owners of "putt-putt") is a 17-hole mini-golf course made from recycled materials. Fun for the hole family! More updates coming as Steve and crew lock down the resources. Thanks to everyone who crowdfunded the initial installation. Learn more and ollow updates on the UPP site. 

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How to market art on the internet with techniques, tips and secrets that artists need to be successful selling art online.
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Huge collection of Fine Arts, Prints, Photography and Paintings @
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Gateway Experience! Art
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just reflecting on the list of art works to come out of @facethestation so far. amazing stuff, good to pause & relook:
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just reflecting on the list of art works to come out of @facethestation so far. amazing stuff, good to pause & relook:
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just updated the Art page with a couple images of gary schwartz's pinhole camera video of the train station by...
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